This is what I like most – food, fun and fiesta! I followed a career in hospitality because of this but when family duties took over, I switched to entertaining at home. And with five children, there were plenty of Christenings, Communions and Confirmations to keep me busy! Slowly my own private stock of tableware started accumulating around the house. Always one to embrace a “project”, I decided to start hiring out what I had and thus The Plate Lady came to be.

Over these last 16 years I have developed lasting relationships with many outstanding caterers and venues. I thoroughly enjoy providing my services and expertise where required, no matter the size or location of the event. And the cost? Well worth checking!

So, whether yours is a small family gathering, wedding or corporate event you can count on us to deliver with the same care and commitment every time.

Just let me know how I can help!

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